Tags: psychology

Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

Oddity’s way

Rain’s drops tap frolic unknown melody on parapet. Grand linden decorated by flower clusters thickly and proud chestnut-tree with its flower candles converse in whisper outside window. Nobody is at the wet asphalt routes now. Thus there will be a ball by the light of night street lamps and all trees will dance under capfuls of wind. 

It’s the best time to think about life. If you haven’t any frustrations you can just sit with cup of coffee and to be touched looking at your family. Only thought you’d need in that case “Thank God for this marvelous gift for me”. Otherwise we think what is wrong in our life, to what our life bear resemblance. I see I run and wave hands in trying to fly up for all my life. It often seems as I almost take off Earth. So I run and wave more intensive. But again I need a bit of something moreover for this. I exert myself even greater… 

So I lost my health on that way at all. I will lie at the Earth quietly and look at flying birds. But than will jump suddenly with thought “I waved wrongly!” and will start to play in that strange exacting game again.