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Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

Trips to Luxembourg and Cologne

When unexpectedly  to me happened 4 days of holiday because of Easter I though how to fill them in. My brother and his wife came to me and after the first day was given for acquaintance with Frankfurt we decided travel to Luxembourg. I was  anxious thinking of possible difficulties on the way there but wrongly. I came on Hauptbahnhof in Frankfurt, asked ticket seller about some cheap way to get to Luxembourg and back and got after a minute sheet with certain plan and bought that ticket of holiday. If you don't know it means you can take 4 people with you on the ticket and travel everywhere in Germany during the day. The ticket costs about 35 euro (and some sum out of German board). The sheet we had was very detailed with 2 changes on the way and we usually waited about 6 minutes on a station before change. It was regional express 2nd class - the cheapest option here. You can explore prices and routes by yourself using www.bahn.de, www.traffiq.de, www.rmv.de. But in my case I was positively impressed - even cheap German trains are more comfortable then most expensive Belarusian.Collapse )