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Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

Above the Earth by balloons

Each of us has so much stress in his life, that he likely the most part of it spends with anxiety, nervousness, vanity. Is it worth of our irretrievable ruined health?! If we glanced back we would smile at many of our bygone ‘catastrophes’. Many of them look as trifles. Nonetheless we worry occasionally because, for example, someone from coevals lives better them we, we worry about parents expected more of us and so on. My favorite utopia is God had given me so much and I didn’t realized this potential.

However any completed action is blameless. We just live too little to understand it. Don’t you believe me? But you don’t know this is so or no so. Why not to believe in a convenient variant?

Life is still full of mysteries. The more you are learning it, the more new mysteries you have found. If you devote yourself to life comprehending, to achievement of an impossible, you will not have time for stress. The main thing is to find aspiration to it. Exactly from yearning for a marvelous the real life begins.