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Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

AION: I’m impressed, enchanted and shocked

I started with AION just to see what MMO based on CryEngine (engine of Crysis game) looks like. I didn’t expect a revolution. After that entire boom around Age of Conan what in fact came out as one another half-made game you cease wandering of new horizons in virtual reality. But AION astonished me. I started not so easy, by the way. Having DVD of German-adopted box I couldn’t expect that appeared to be a North America version. Furthermore that was pretty confusing when after launching it to see Korean language interface. I had to download European version (a few gigabytes) to get into the game. And didn’t find game card with subscription for month inside the box, though it was promised on the cover. But somehow or other I got it and my first impressions were that’s damnly comfortable to play using this user interface. All the quest descriptions are provided with context links for additional information and possibility to locate the subject on the map. So, you always know where to go and what to find. Another point was your character is totally customizable (no you didn’t get it, it’s absolutely customizable, like you draw it by yourself) and thus all the players to can meet in the game look different. Than the world of AION is improbably beautiful. You start near of the lake where every little detail is to bring you to awesome unreal place overflowing with magic.Collapse )