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Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

One more Galosh of the Fortune

A boy was aimlessly walking in a small cozy courtyard. A group of children were busy with playing in one of such simple child games that kids make up every day. The boy stopped walking and begun to draw figures on the sand with a rod stealthily keeping look at children.
- It’s so boring, - thought the boy, - when at last will I grow up?!
- And what would you do? – asked a middle-aged man from the nearby bench.
The boy gave a start
- I didn’t see when you came!
- Nonetheless what would you do if you were adult?
- I would find what interesting I can do, because I will a rich grown-up!
- Hmm, no problem. You can reckon you are on a promo action of wishes-are-coming-true-testing.
The man snapped his fingers and the boy felt something changed. Collapse )
Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

How shepherd found his happiness.

Once upon a time there was a poor shepherd. He was simple and not unkindly lad, but he had one disadvantage. He liked to make up ridiculous stories and boasted without any shame. People laughed at him and the shepherd was angry infinitely. “One day I’ll teach a lesson all of you!” – threaten the shepherd. Once, when sun stood high in serene, cattle was asleep on fresh thick grass , the shepherd was sitting on bank of a brook and was making up evil retributions for his offenders. Suddenly something from the brook beamed. The shepherd reached to the brook and fetched an antique hand mirror.
- Take me with you good man. I’ll grant all your wishes, - uttered the mirror.
The shepherd rejoiced very much and asked the mirror to punish silly mockers
- Clap your hands and say: “Dare-devils in gray armor, let’s appear in front of me”. Than you can tell them your order.

Obviously soon all village was beaten and nobody laughs at the poor shepherd. The shepherd liked it very much. He went across villages and towns, for cultivating people and conquering respect and honor of himself through fear. So he reached capital of this country. Old king welcomed the shepherd. He gave his scepter and orb. The king was glad to get rid of all riches if only to avoid punishment from “dare-devils in gray armor”.

The shepherd was sitting on high throne in the palace for years. Many people came to palace and said: “Our king is the most wise, the most strong, the most handsome in all over the world”. If someone said another words, the shepherd clapped his hands and the vexation vanished. All was excellently, but one the shepherd felt miserable. He made a feast and invited foreign merchants and ambassadors. When all guests arrived, he asked them: “Am I the most wise, the most strong, the most handsome in all over the world?”.
- No, you are not, Your Majesty. Your people are poor, unhappy and frightened. They fear even their own shadows. There is not any honor of it for their ruler. It seems as you are not wise, - responded to him foreigners.

The shepherd was going to clap his hands, but changed his mind.
- I’ll show to you my wisdom! – said the shepherd.
When all candles in palace went out, the shepherd asked his hand mirror: “Make me the most wise one on the world!”.
- It‘s your wish. Will the most wise one in the world!
The shepherd take his head by hands and begun to cry.
- What a devil I was! How much kind people I ruined! How is hard to know about it! What an intolerable load my memory is! The mirror, please, take off this burden from me!
- Let’s will be so, - said in hushed tones the mirror.

Said, the king-shepherd was lost and dare-devils vanished along with him. Fear went away and life got right. Smiles appeared on people faces. But the most happy smile was on smudgy face of a mad ragamuffin, which dragged all over the place broken old hand mirror…
Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

The pernickety prince

Once upon a time there was a prince. He was young, handsome and strong, well educated and high-bred. But his parents was dissatisfied with the son. The prince had one trait, improper trait for a man of his position. The prince often disappeared from the palace and nobody knew where has he been. Alarmed parents decided to marry prince to bring to his senses. They sent offers to all noble families and escorts with high-minded damsels made for the palace.
First of all princess Biruta arrived from North Duchy. She had silky bright hair, big blue eyes and long well-shaped legs. She was glaringly pretty and all of men in the palace was ready to fall to her foots. But the young price remained indifferent. Next there was Ringala. It was a bashful, but good-natured, sweet lass. She looked at the prince with care and obedience. But he still stood apathetic. Than Gedviga came. It was reckoned that she is extraordinary clever woman. Sages of the kingdom gathered to talk with her and they was astonished her wisdom. But the prince was distinctly bored. When Danuta appeared the palace suddenly revived. She could stir everyone up and the vaults of the palace filled with laugh and revels. It seems as prince became interested, but in some time he tired and his eyes went out again. Next lady was called Yavnuta. She was very proud of herself, haughty, but at the same time she was majestic and magnetic. She moved like a swan glide on top of lake. She was graceful and dangerous like a panther. But the prince just stood up and went out from the palace. He walked for an hour until he reached the place, where he hid usually from palace bustle. But his place was occupied.
- What are you doing here? – he asked a girl, who was on his favorite glade, near his favorite brook.
- I collect fern flowers of course, - she looked at the puzzled prince and smiled, - It’s a joke. I just hide here from people’s uproar. I think, it’s the best place for it.
- I think so, - the prince smiled in response.

They was sitting in silent, but it was like conversation of familiar friends. And the prince understood: it is not so important, whom your people wish to see you with. But it is important when you can fill yourself easy and simple in the company of someone, when you can remain true to yourself with somebody.
Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

The most dreadful beast in the forest

One day the fly and the butterfly were having tea-drinking. It was evening. Shadows of the dusk were gliding on trees and the wind was rustling leaves frightfully. Fly huddled up, looked around and said with quaking voice:
- You know butterfly, there is enormous awful pitiless monster in the our forest. He walks near the our favorite glade and spy a victim out. I can’t sleep at nights. I’m very afraid.
- Who is it?! Why did I never hear about it? – babbled anxious butterfly.
- Because he appears at the nights, when he is weaving his terrible nets. If you fell into it, nothing would help you, - answered fly twisting her arms, - he is the Spider - the most dangerous creature in the forest.

Impressionable butterfly told the squirrel about invisible omnipresent danger named Spider in morning . The squirrel told the hare. The hare told the stag… All of the forest knew about Spider-danger at the evening. Beasts and birds hided in their holes, nests, hollows and so on. So, tiny spider became symbol of horror for all in the forest for days and weeks.

Once a small naughty squirrel run away from the parents’ hollow in order to be carelessly jumping on the native glade.
- Oh! – high-pitched voice was heard from grass, - Young man, could you be more careful?! You fractured my hand just now.
- I’m very sorry mister. I didn’t want it. By the way, I’m Little Squirrel. What is your name?
- It’s nicely. I’m Spider. For the future, look under your legs. The such small defenseless creatures as I am can be there.

When young squirrel came back to the home, he told mother about his recent adventure. All forest has known soon how did small squirrel hardly crush terrible spider. Beasts and birds collected on the glade and everyone wanted to see fearful and harmless spider. Than old and wise owl said: “Unfortunately all of us prefer to live in our prejudices, make it up and hold by it. Prejudices is the most dreadful monster in the forest. But even tiny squirrel can be stronger than it”
Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

The ladybird and the ant

Ladybird once meet an ant
- Ant, you drag all over the place heap of rubbish. Tell me, what for do you do it?
- We‘ll build the ant hill with top on the sky and ascend to clouds.
- Why do all so strive after sky? I have been there and I found nothing.
- Sky opens its secrets only whom has reached it with very hard work. Sense of the reward is in it.
- I dreamed to swing on a cloud in my childhood. When I reached it, I hardly could move my wings. And what?! It turned out, that it’s deception, illusion. There are not any clouds! There is just muddy air.
- But you risen insufficiently high up…
- I speck to you once again. There is nothing there! If I risen higher, I would be frozen.
- But you’d be able to look round the whole world! – the ant jumped in excitement.
- For Heaven’s sacks, Ant! What do you want to see from there? Do you think continuous wonders are there? Boundless dull grey field is there and even trees don’t grow there.

Than the ant sat down and begun to cry.

- Well, do you understand me at last? – asked somewhat abashed ladybird, - Only fairy tales are in your poor head. Desert your “Babylon tower” and go to have a rest.
- I so pity you, ladybird, - answer sobbing ant – Freedom was given to you from birth and you don’t know its value. You don’t know taste of aspiration for freedom. You don’t know your destination. But always there is a top for each of us, have we wings or not. The true top is not on the sky. The true top is here, - the ant pointed to his head, - in the mind. But eternity would be insufficient in order to rich it.