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Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

Value of freedom

If somebody doesn’t know, presidential elections is in Belarus now. Perhaps you heard the expression “Last Europe dictator”. He, who is called so, heard this too. He very dislike this words. However 12 years passed and the dictator is in power now as before. It’s forbidden by the Constitution of Belarus. So, he rewrote the Constitution. Than he called presidential elections in order to there will be less conversations about dictatorship. KGB reported to him opposition forces are weak and it was guessed that there will not be any troubles. He order already to prepare papers about the dictator took 78% of electors’ votes, but it’s happened surprise. There was found charismatic persons besides the dictator in the country. Election campaign turned into farce. First the dictator tried to hint candidates at any energies are uselessly. During collection of signatures employees of under-government enterprises, universities, cooperative housing was obliged to compel people to give their signatures to the dictator. Even teachers in schools threaten parents with reprisals against pupils. But it didn’t stop candidates. Moreover, the dictator was obliged to grant to TV and broadcast for 2 appearances of candidates. These appearances made great effect. Regime became panic-stricken. Under-government TV intimidated population by various ridiculous stories about last one month. But it begins to pall population. Thousands electors begin to come to every gathering with candidates. The dictator needed new methods of intimidation. Special services beat one of candidates openly at popular tailings by the dictator’s order. 

They also hard beat foreign journalists. It just spurred up people. Now after every meeting of electors and their candidate men in civilian clothes to drive way about 10 people. They drive people in police station and in next day obedient law court sentences people from meeting to 15 days and nights imprisonment. In such way there was sentenced candidate’s person empowered to act campaign, members of candidate’s initial group, journalists and so on. Nevertheless, the more pressure, the more determination of people.
Delicate maiden, who is journalist from Ukrainian TV was beaten and driven away just during her reporting today. What is it? Prison etiquette? Culture of gangsters in scale of country?
We have not the free press for 12 years. All political decisions in the country seems as hooliganism. We have terrible window-dressing on all under-government enterprises. All TV-channels and broadcast songs in days and at nights “If you don’t obey the dictator, foreign interventionist will eat you alive!”. 


Hey! You all, who outside Belarus, all, who have freedom, value freedom, take care of freedom and guard freedom! There is nothing, which is worse than freedom absence.

P.S. You can listen to audio subject, which was recorded during Anna Gorozhenko Ukrainian journalists arresting at http://5tv.com.ua/img/forall/no_comments/mp3/aresht_gorojenko.mp3