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Dmitry Sheiko Korvin Дмитрий Шейко

What is going on in Tibet?

Disorders in Tibet started week ago. Many buildings are burned, many the Chinese are beaten. About 10 citizens were reported dead by Chinese mass media. The Tibetans speak of 100 dead. What is that? Why do people die? There is lies a ordinary story, where a bigger nation swallows up a smaller one, bit by bit destroying culture and national self-consciousness. So the smaller one revolts time to time. Tibet as a self-dependent nation is known since 6 - 7 A.D. It seems as the Tibetans waged war with the Chinese for centuries (like Slavic nations for example). Tibet was occupied by China in 1950. Chinese side explanation was it’s done to “democratize” Tibetan nation. Now they drive Tibetan rebels in handcuffs round Lhasa to demonstrate what is awaiting for people who isn’t fond of Chinese idea of democracy.

There are tree basic versions of today’s conflict motives considered now.
a) This is a spontaneous rebellion of Tibetan nation against Chinese politic of suppression.
You see it’s unlikely that Tibetan nation kept silence for half of the century and revolted just before the Olympic Games in Peking.

b) All that is just an element of great politic game of West against China.

That is the most popular version at the East. They even call it – Kosovo’s scenario. But it’s silly. Nobody is going to really defend Tibet. China is a world super power and nuclear power. Who would risk taking part in a game against China so openly? USA with falling dollar? Obviously it’s not the time. Moreover USA strongly connected to China. Billions dollars are invested in Chinese businesses. That is not USA and USSR, that is USA and China.

c) Dalai Lama used an opportunity to draw world attention to Tibetan problem in the light of Peking’s Olympic Games
Oh, it seems as the most likely version to me. What do you think?