Dmitry Sheiko (dsheiko) wrote,
Dmitry Sheiko

Whence European nations come and why

So many nations live and lived in Europe, whence they come and why? It seems what made those nations is the migration period. That’s curious the migration season was opened by Germans (Goths) in 2dn century. They relocated Gotland island (Sweden) to the North of Europe and pushed other tribes. Though, it hardly was the major impetus to the migration. They just moved further till the Dnepr river and founded a state there. There is a version that it was on the place of Ukrainian capital –Kiev, but there is no evidences. The real migration started lately with Hun’s invasion and the Extreme weather events of 535–536 (BTW, a meteorite? Volcanic winter? In the light of global effect of recent volcanic eruption it’s scary. Though, it could be worse) . So, where am I? Ah, who where those terrible Huns who had shaken the whole Europe. Likely there were a part of numerous nomad tribe Xiongnu from north of China and south Siberia defeated by Chinese. Guess where from Hungary name came.

So to say my forefather Slavs settled wide in Europe. Huns dislodged part them to the East on the lands of nowadays Novgorod, Ukraine and Belarus.

Langobards filled in Italy. Angles, Saxons, Jutes populated the Britain. Frisians the north of Netherlands. And so on.

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